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Ke-hu is Finnish registered trademark launched in 2014. We introduced totally new, colorful and high quality dog toys never seen before. Finland is Nordic country situated in Northern Europe. Finland is known for long, cold and dark winters. Polar nights inspired us to create something colorful and fun to bring positive kick in to the darkness.

Behind Ke-hu is small Finnish company of active dog enthusiast, each Ke-hu is handmade with love and pride.

Ke-hu means praise in Finnish and our motto is, every dog earns a praise.

Ke-hu toys have been created to be used for great playing moments between owner and the dog. They are practical but yet provide great joy for both. Every dog earns a Ke-hu, after training or competition, or just for fun.

We love our job and we hope it shows in our products!

Our values

Ke-hu toys have Key Flag –mark wich recognises that the product has been manufactured in Finland. Our toys are ethically and responsibly produced.



Fur Free
We have been registered to Fur Free Retailer program. We are against animal cruelty, so only faux fur materials are used in Ke-hu toys.

Ke-hu has subcontract with Tuusula municipality’s day-centre called Kettunen. There people with intellectual disabilities are offered to have a work experience. Work activates, allows get involved and gives person feel of importance. Some Ke-hu fleece parts are cut at Kettunen.



We care about our planet, so we recycle all paper, cardboard, plastic and textile waste.

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